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college graduation invitations First thing first - begin with the Graduation Announcement after which the Graduation Party Request: A graduation announcement 'announces' where and when the person is going to be graduating, with a presumed invite to the graduation ceremony. The graduation party invitation is simply that - an invites to a party. The commencement announcement precedes the school party invitation in terms of when sent. I recommend sending out typically the announcement at least 6 several weeks before the formal graduation events and the graduation party party invitation at least 3 weeks before the bash.

Email announcement and gathering invitations are acceptable, uncomplicated, and can be free. But be cautious: It is perfectly acceptable to deliver your graduation announcements along with invitations via email. But if you do opt for this path, and you wish to include each friends and their parents, ensure that you send the email to the moms and dads and the graduate's graduation invitations Even though graduate will most likely have his / her friends' email addresses easily accessible - you can't count on often the friend to convey the celebration invitation to their parents. Because of this, and because I feel a formal request is a bit nicer, I would recommend using a written invitation that is submitted the mail.

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